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Hippie or hippy culture started between 1960s and 1970s in the United States of America as a reaction to the religions and their stereotypical preaching as well as malpractices. Hippies sought to become and bring a revolution in world by following the paths that lead to peace, humanity, and free love. Hippies try to bring a peaceful revolution and reject the mediocre, baseless principles of the society and strive to bring a new order and world peace. Hippies usually dress themselves like a tribal and wear loose, long sized shirts, wear love beads on their necks, usually have long hairstyles and support usage of drugs. They advocate and are a strong proponent of nonviolence and lean towards vegetarian diet and consume unprocessed foods and prefer holistic medicines which are obviously more helpful because holistic medicines and holistic approach tries to make both mind and body better rather than taking antibiotics and allopathic medicines because these medicines are very heavy and always leave some or the other side effect on body.

hippie dates

Hippies have always promoted brotherhood and peaceful living and have supported the power of music. It is due to the revolution led by the hippies that many new laws nationally as well as internationally were enacted and passed which created more room of variety and its acceptance. Now different and more races, ethnicities, cultures, sexual orientations are becoming a part of society and are gaining acceptance from the public as well as the governments, but as a counterculture, hippies never achieved full acceptance from the society and are still regarded as children of the bad upbringing.

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