New sexual practices are all the rage on social networks. Many people praise the merits of more than one practice even though they may not be without health risks. Vabbing is one of these practices. What is vabbing? 

What is vabbing?

Etymologically, the word vabbing is a contraction of two different words. These are the words vagina and dabbing. Dabbing means to tap. Vabbing is not in itself a sexual practice. Rather, it is a method of attracting sexual partners. It is based on a very simple principle. 

Vabbing consists of inserting a finger into her vagina to remove secretions and pass them over her body like a perfume. No study has yet proven that this practice really attracts sexual partners, because there are no pheromones in its secretions. Social networks sometimes tend to put forward unorthodox practices. Moreover, they are not without health risks. 

What are the risks for her personal hygiene?

Vaginal secretions are often very smelly. A person who practices vabbing may not only attract sexual partners, but also drive them away because of the smell. In addition, the risks are higher if the woman who practices vabbing suffers from a genital or urogenital infection. The latter in a simple way recovers the microbes and viruses of these genital tracts to put them on new parts of her uninfected skin. Of course, this practice can create new infections. Even if the risk of contaminating those around her is minimal, this technique is not recommended.

The only benefit a vabbing practitioner can gain is that she is arousing herself by inserting her fingers into her vagina. However, if some people want to practice it, it is recommended to have impeccable hygiene. Before introducing her finger into the vagina, it is necessary to make sure that it is clean. However, it is recommended not to resort to this dubious practice.