With the advent of the very popular book "Fifty Shades of Grey", many people began to think that erotic literature was born from this work, but this is not the case. This type of literature has been around for a good number of years. What are the best works? 

The different categories of erotic literature 

 Erotic literature has some special characteristics. Not only is it quite informative in terms of sexual technique, but it offers themes that transport the imagination of its reader through hot sex. It is said to be exhilarating, transgressive, romantic and full of surprises. These types of books are to be read to spice up the sexual relations between two partners.

There is a gradual scale of erotic books ranging from the soft and mushy to the hard-core. The most popular authors in this field are Apollinaire and Henry Miller with their books: Eleven Thousand Yards and The Tropics of Cancer. Apart from these books, let's not forget to mention the very popular Kamasutra. It is the book par excellence on sexuality that gives the best advice to succeed in making two partners enjoy in the most beautiful way. 

The modern literature in erotic books

Nowadays, authors do not lack ingenuity to make their books attractive. In this context, we know today the 3D kamasutra, the erotic pop-up book and books with erotic coloring. However, these books are not really the basis of erotic literature. The most popular books in 2022 in terms of erotic literature are those that offer stories centered on a couple. 

Stories that involve multiple sexual partners and multi-partner love are less popular. As such, the most popular books this year are: Fifty Shades of Grey, Fatima's Breasts and The Pharmacist. All of these books offer readers a fairly interesting background and hard-body stories worthy of the name.