Sex toys are very trendy nowadays. They are used as well in solo but also in couple no matter the sexual orientation of the two partners. But what are the sextoys to use in couples ? 

A vibrating sextoy 

A vibrating sextoy is perfect to spice up your sex life together. Indeed, the vibrations that this kind of sextoys provides contributes to increase the sexual pleasure within the cult. Note that there are several types of sextoys for the market. There are some for all the tastes and for all the purses. To increase the pleasure of your couple you can opt for example for the vibrating stimulator. It is perfect and suitable for heterosexual couples. 

In this kind of couple, the woman can put both ends of the stimulator in her vagina to get pleasure and the man on the other hand will be able to use it to stimulate his penis and his testicles. It can also be used to stimulate the nipples. In addition to the stimulator, the couple can also opt for a connected vibrating egg. Here the woman inserts the egg into her vagina and the man will use a specialized application to make it vibrate. 

A penetrating sextoy 

The penetrating sextoy is also perfectly suited for use in couples. This type of sextoy is also very popular because it can achieve extreme pleasure. Indeed the penetrating sextoys are generally composed of two tips (a long one and a less long one). The small end is generally used to excite the vagina. 

The first partner inserts it in his vagina by holding it thanks to the contraction of the perineum. The other end is used by the second partner to also stimulate her vagina or her anus. It is thus a very well thought sextoy and which allows a couple to stimulate themselves simultaneously. Note that the penetrating sextoy can be used also by heterosexual couples, but also by gays and lesbians.