The foreplay phase is the one that precedes the penetration phase. Often forgotten, it is nevertheless important for most couples. What are the reasons why foreplay is important? 

For the man 

Very often neglected by partners, and mainly pushed back by men, foreplay is just as important as penetration itself. Indeed, for some, foreplay is like a waste of time, as they prefer to go fast, and for others, foreplay can be seen as a sign of weakness since it implies surrendering to his partner and therefore asking for things that will question his virility. 

However, foreplay is just as important for a man as it is for a woman. Certainly, foreplay is meant to prepare for sex, since it not only facilitates a rapprochement between the partners, but also allows them to better discover each other. This is because the man will be able to discover erogenous zones that will make him feel good and will increase at the same time the pleasure or the sexual desire.

For the woman 

Foreplay is a phase of sexual relations generally more appreciated by women. They are important for the woman on a physical point of view because they support a better lubrication of the vagina with a rise of the excitation and thus following the appearance of cyprine or thanks to the cunnilingus caused by her partner. In addition, unlike men, women need more time to raise the level of desire in them, whether through caresses, soft words or contacts. 

Indeed, they generally feel the need for softness in order to increase their excitement. The presence of elements such as fabrics (scarves) or food (chocolate, fruits, etc.) will serve in most cases as a booster for the excitement of women. The latter will have better foreplay and will be much more inclined during the sexual act to please their partner. As we say, you have to think about your partner if you want to think about yourself.